Donovan McNabb is serving as a guest college basketball analyst for Comcast SportsNet this week. Watch his work here. This means that Comcast SportsNet personalities have had a chance to ask football and Redskins questions to McNabb, and McNabb has had a chance to talk about football and the Redskins without saying anything at all. He’s a total master of the art.

It also means, though, that CSN has delved into the video archives to find some classic McNabb basketball footage. Like the above clip, in which a skinny and very 1990s McNabb dribbles a basketball between chairs.

As for the football non-answers, what does he think about his future with the Redskins?

“Well, that is a great question,” he told Chick Hernandez. “Only thing I can do at this particular point is just continue to stay focused on what my goal is, and my goal is to help a team win a Super Bowl. I said that was gonna work on my craft and continue to go back to the fundamentals of trying to be a better quarterback, and that’s something that I plan on doing. At this particular point, I’m working with my trainer, who I’ve worked with over the years, who I’ve had great seasons with, and just enjoying my time in this lockout of just trying to be better at what I do.”

Ok, fine, what about the possibility of playing in Minnesota?

“I think in this whole aspect we have to understand that I’m still under contract with the Washington Redskins,” McNabb told Ivan Carter. “And whatever may happen from this point on, we’ll definitely find out. And whatever uniform that I’m in, I’m gonna make sure that I give them the best that I have and make sure I try to lead the team to winning that Super Bowl.”

I mean, having lived through one season of McNabb ducking controversial questions, I’m still not sure I’ve seen an answer as majestically meaningless as “whatever may happen from this point on, we’ll definitely find out.” Bravo, sir.

Finally, Hernandez asked him about the current labor strife.

“I was prepared for the lockout,” he said. “In this situation, I think it’s important that the fans realize that we want to play. We want you to understand that we want to get back out on the field and we want to bring some excitement to the game, and make sure people understand that we’re working hard to get to that. But there’s obviously one thing that we’re focusing on, and that’s the owners as well as the players: on coming together. We’re uniting as one, and I think it’s important that we continue to stand together and just let nature take its course.”