Of the three sort-of Redskins quarterbacks — John Beck, Rex Grossman and Donovan McNabb — the latter has been by far the quietest this offseason. And now he seems to have made his strongest statement of the silly season on YouTube, for some project I’ve never heard of.

“For my Facetime: 2011 is different than 2010,” he said. “For those who wanna sit back and dwell on what happened last year, so be it. But 2011’s gonna be a special season. A season in which I feel that I’ve prepared myself well — not just conditioning and strengthwise, but most importantly getting back to the fundamentals. And I look to display that in the 2011 season. And for those who feel like it can’t be possible: I’ll prove you wrong.”

Sort of reminds me of the famous McNabb speech after the win in Philly last fall: “Everybody makes mistakes in [their] lifetime, and they made one last year!”

(Via the Skins Blog)