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We’ve got a lot of time before the 2012 season starts to learn about these guys firsthand, but here’s what we know so far about second-round third-round pick Josh LeRibeus…

Josh LeRibeus

Twitter: @JLeRibeus

Height: 6-2

Weight: 311

Position: OL

College: Southern Methodist University

Drafted Round 3, Pick 8, 71 overall

A missed year due to academic problems, which led to a weight problem.

But don’t worry. He promises it won’t happen again. The problem began when he changed his major and a lack of credits made him ineligible to play. He spent 2010 away from the football field — and the gym. He found himself 70 pounds above his playing weight of 310.

“When I came back during two-a-days that year, obviously I got some funny looks, to say the least, and people were just, they’d be like ‘What happened to you? What did you do? Did you eat somebody?’” he said in an interview at SMU pro day.

“I look at myself in the mirror and I see, just kind of a gradual change, whereas they see me one minute and they see me the next minute like ‘What the f*** is this? We actually signed this guy for another year of scholarship?’”

He comes to D.C. with a few nicknames.

LeRibeus’s teammate at SMU revealed the moniker in an interview last spring. “We call Josh LeRibeus ‘Kung Fu Panda’ because he looks like that character.” According to his SMU teammate and fellow Redskins draft pick Richard Crawford, he also earned the nickname “XBox 360” when he hit 360 pounds during the previously mentioned journey up the weight scale.

His girlfriend is out of his league.

At pro day, someone asked him if he was still “dating that girl from his Twitter,” before pointing out that the girl was out of his league. LeRibeus agreed that they may appear to be mismatched.

“I’m not out of anyone’s league,” he replied.

Let it be noted that she’s already wearing a Redskins hat in her Twitter avatar. I like her already.

His mom is a Cowboys fan.

Before getting drafted, LeRibeus was a Houston fan and he explained in the pro day interview why. “I think just ‘cause my mom was such a hardcore Cowboys fan, and my dad liked the Texans and I just wanted to, like, spite her I guess, so I ended up becoming a Texans fan.”