Our resident Metro expert Dana Hedgepeth came up with this interesting nugget.

When the Capitals-Rangers game went into its third overtime on Wednesday night, Metro announced that it would remain running an hour later than usual to accommodate fans who stayed at the game. I assumed it was an act of goodwill. I was wrong.

It cost Metro $29,500 to run for the extra hour, and Metro spokesman Dan Stessel says they’ll be billing the Caps for a portion of it. From Dr. Gridlock:

Stessel said a portion of the $29,500 an hour cost will be billed to the Caps and repaid to Metro. The rest is revenue Metro made from riders who used the service during that hour.

Stessel said the Caps had an agreement with Metro that involved the transit agency staying open later if needed during the playoff season. Wednesday was the first time the agency had done so.

The Nationals do not have such an agreement, he said. The Nats have a game Sunday night and if it runs late, Stessel said, there are no plans for Metro to stay open beyond midnight.

It’s interesting that Ted Leonsis and company have made arrangements ahead of time to take care of fans in these situations. The Nationals have an 8:05 p.m. start Sunday, so it might be wise for the organization to consider doing the same if the game goes into extra innings.

It is Natitude Weekend, after all.