Bill Simmons’s latest podcast from Indianapolis featured the NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi and longtime D.C. sports fan Joe House. It also featured this dialog:

Lombardi: If you’re the Redskins, do you wait for Peyton Manning or hope Peyton Manning comes around, or do you do what they’re planning on doing, which is to sign Kyle Orton and let him be the starting quarterback?

House: You didn’t just say that.

Lombardi: Yes I did. I worked that in there.

House: You just took a knife out of your pocket and jammed it into my kidneys.

Lombardi: I’m sorry, but that was the Senior Bowl chatter.

House: Oh my gracious. I’ve got to climb under the table and lay down for 10 minutes. I can’t believe that.

Lombardi: Well I wanted to prepare you for that, when it happens....

House: Let this kind of sort itself out, the Redskins go draft RG3, that would be the best-case scenario, and [also] acquire Peyton. Trade up. Do whatever it takes.

Lombardi: Sign Kyle Orton and use him as a chip to trade up with? 

Simmons: The Redskins can’t do anything competently. They’re gonna trade up?

House: I can dream. It’s the offseason. It’s the only time I can be genuinely enthusiastic about the Redskins

Lombardi: House, I’ve got to share, at one time in my life I was a huge Redskins fan, HUGE Redskins fan....So I feel your pain....

Simmons: Now, from what you know about the Redskins and their recent history, if there was a team that kind of went all in on the Peyton Manning experience and he ended up playing like nine games and then he got hurt again and had to retire and that team had already lost the picks it gave up, it would be the Redskins, right?

House: Yes.

I honestly have no idea which of these things were serious and which were jokes. I’m hoping they were all jokes. That would be funny. The other thing, not so much.

(UPDATE: Via e-mail, House tells me that Lombardi was being 100 percent serious. Yikes.)

(Via @JohnMTaylor)