First Rex Grossman said he thought the Redskins would win the NFC East. Then Anthony Armstrong said “I think that we would have the ability to win the NFC East.” Then Grossman repeated his prediction, saying “we are going to win the East.” Then Stephen A. Smith said there was “not a snowball’s chance in you know what” that this would happen. Then Brian Orakpo said “We don’t have to be second to nobody. So whatever [Grossman] said, we all believe so.” Then a bunch of preseason magazines picked the Redskins to be the worst team in the NFC, finish 2-14 or 3-13, and so on.

So we seemed to have a clear disconnect between the Redskins players and the national analysts. Until now!

Yup,’s Michael Lombardi has gone ahead and agreed with Grossman, predicting a division title for the Redskins, which would be their first since 1999. He was the only one of’s seven experts to put the Redskins in the playoffs.

“wow, Lombardi must be on the crack pipe again,” one commenter noted. “Redskins to win the East? LOL”

LOL away, anonymous Internet commenter. Just know that Rex Grossman has a friend in Michael Lombardi.

“The Redskins, to me, this summer, have shown me more than any team in the NFC East,” Lombardi said on the Bill Simmons podcast this week, via SB Nation DC. “I think [Mike] Shanahan was embarrassed last year, I think you could see it in his demeanor this summer. His team looks much more organized. They look effective running the football. They’re not trying to run Clinton Portis and have this old offensive line, which has played much better this year. I like Washington.”