(Michael Conroy/AP)

Seemed to me that people were saying Schefter had reported something he hadn’t.

But there was no parsing needed when NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi was asked this week to name one “good landing spot” for the Indianapolis quarterback.

“Well, how about the Washington Redskins,” Lombardi said. “A lot of money, a lot of availability, and oh, by the way, they really need a quarterback badly. They need a signature face on their franchise, and I think ultimately, that would be a great landing spot.

“But the interesting factor here is Peyton Manning’s only played in three offenses,:high school, at Tennessee, and when you look at Indianapolis. There’ve been three offenses, that’s it. If he goes somewhere, I would not be surprised if Tom Moore didn’t join him.”

In the segment, which can be watched here, Lombardi talked about the financial machinations that would need to accompany a trade, and also noted that Manning would have to decide he still wants to play football, and the Colts would need to decide they want to go all-in with Andrew Luck.

So there are still plenty of suppositions here, but Lombardi was comfortable talking about what sort of trade partner the Colts would seek.

“I think everybody would be interested in Peyton Manning, at least the teams that don’t have a quarterback,” he said. “But I would suspect that if you were Indianapolis, you wouldn’t want to see Peyton Manning coming to your stadium every year. I think he’s gonna get traded — if he does, and this is a big assumption — to an NFC team, where at least the Colts would only see Peyton Manning if they made it to the Super Bowl, something at least you could tolerate. But I would really strongly suspect that don’t trade him to an AFC team and then let him come back to haunt them.”