Michael Morse has explained his oddly hypnotic warm-up stretches a number of times in the past year, and each time he’s managed to find some new words.

“When I load, it’s kind of coiling up like a cobra,” Morse told Adam Kilgore. “Then I just took it to the next level. I go up there and it basically locks me in. It makes me feel like my weight is back, but I’m ready to hit. It’s an over-exaggeration of what I want to feel at the plate.”

“Earlier in the season my hips were kind of tight, and they said you’ve got to stretch out your hips, loosen ‘em up, so I just took it to the 10th level,” he told the MLB Network. “I get in the box and really over-exaggerate the feeling, kind of MMA style. So I’m up there and the fans are heckling me, they’re yelling at me, and I’m just in my own little zone.”

Now this week, ESPN the Magazine has posted a new video of Morse explaining his whole swing, and it starts with that odd warm-up routine.

“The perfect swing for me starts with my base, starts with my legs, my hips,” Morse told the publication. “It’s like coiling like a snake. I call it my Samurai Cobra Snake. I do it right before I get into the box. And from doing that move, my little Cobra Snake, my weight is already in the back of my leg, my front of my leg is real light on the ground.”

(Via @NationalsReview)