(Image courtesy the Washington Nationals.)

“The perfect swing for me starts with my base, starts with my legs, my hips,” Morse told the publication. “It’s like coiling like a snake. I call it my Samurai Cobra Snake. I do it right before I get into the box. And from doing that move, my little Cobra Snake, my weight is already in the back of my leg, my front of my leg is real light on the ground.”

Well, the Nats are doing a Michael Morse bobblehead giveaway this season. And wouldn’t you know it, the doll seems to have a little Cobra Snake of its own. Pretty good-looking bobblehead, and you won’t find many other Major Leaguers showing off this particular pose.

The bobbleheads will be given away to the first 15,000 fans at the 1:35 game against the Marlins on Sunday, Aug. 5. See more promotions here. Thanks to the Nats for the image.

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