If you had any worries, Beast Mode is back in 2012, as seen in Michael Morse’s get-up during Ryan Zimmerman’s press conference, and again on Comcast SportsNet Tuesday night.

“We noticed your shirt, Beast Mode,” Brian Mitchell observed. “What is Beast Mode?

“Beast Mode, it’s a way, it’s a feel, it’s a mentality,” Morse answered. “It’s going out there grinding no matter what, getting the job done. I hope the people in Washington get it....We’ve got all kinds of stuff now. Red Beast Mode shirts. It’s gonna be crazy this year.”

Then he offered to send a size “shmedium” shirt to Ivan Carter.

In other Morse interview news, he said he wants opposing pitchers “to do extra homework on me and stuff like that,” said the Nats “We have to figure out how we can all play as one and play as a championship team,” and said he will lead by example when it comes to Bryce Harper.

“You know, his locker’s real close to mine, and I can feel his eyes looking at me sometimes, you know, my ears start burning,” Morse said. “So I’ve got to make sure I’m doing the right thing.”