The Stephen Strasburg Hot Stuff story has made the rounds today, even inspiring the Junkies to pull a Hot Stuff stunt of their own. But if you ask Michael Morse, Ointment-Gate never happened.

Morse went on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio today and told a story that might just throw a wet blanket on all of the fun.

“I asked Stephen today and he has no idea what’s going on. And he’s one of the hardest-working guys, he’s like a bulldog, especially on the mind. It’s, like, a big rumor or something that started. There’s all this talk that he had Icy Hot all over him or whatever. He had nothing. I think, um, I think Davey might have said some things that the media might have took the wrong way. You know, I think he was trying to make, like, you know, a joke or something and the media thought different of it.

“It was pouring rain in the first inning, so he should have said, maybe, his jersey got soaked or something. I don’t know, I think he said the wrong thing. I talked to Stras today and he’s kind of upset about the whole thing. I asked him, ‘Did you have Icy Hot or something?’ and he said no. I said ‘You didn’t have any on your arm? Maybe the rain washed it down or off?’ and he said no.”

When Davey Johnson said that “some Hot Stuff got misplaced” he never specifically said where it ended up. It’s possible that we, in our endless pursuit of childish stories, assumed that place was his nether regions.

It’s also possible that Strasburg is just embarrassed. After all, the story wasn’t just local. The New York Daily News, Miami Herald, Yahoo Sports and the Seattle Times were just some of the hundreds of outlets who picked up the story.

Mike Rizzo was on 106.7 The Fan this afternoon, and he vowed to get to the bottom of it.

“I’ll investigate, find out the information and get back to you next week. Ointment-Gate. I’ll check it out.”