“We got a little less than two months left in the season. Now it’s Hammer Time,” he told MASN’s Debbi Taylor, explaining that once all the relief pitchers started wearing Beast Mode he knew it was time to move on.

“We’ve got a little less than two months left. It’s Hammer Time now baby, Hammer Time,” he told MLB Network. “Earlier this year, it was like April, one of the guys on the team, Ian Desmond, gave me the [beast Mode] shirt and he told me to wear it and I never took it off. I wore it every day. Everybody, our whole team’s got one now, so I had to switch it up a little bit to Hammer Time.”

No offense to Morse, but this is possibly the dumbest athlete t-shirt tale I’ve ever heard. As you’ll recall, his switch to Beast Mode nearly coincided with his transformation into a complete monster. Since then, as Kilgore wrote, Morse has been “one of the best hitters in the National League, a contender for the batting title, a player who could appear on the fringe of a few MVP ballots.” And he did it while wearing the same t-shirt every day. And now he switches?

I mean, the obvious next step was an injury. So predictable. The only thing shocking is that Morse’s x-rays Thursday night were negative, that he only has a contusion and that his season isn’t over.

Seriously, man, take advantage of this second chance. Go back to Beast Mode, before it’s too late.

(Though I’m curious where this Thor Hammer Time shirt comes from. Any guesses?)