(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

Might as well get an early start, though. Here’s Michael Morse, when asked on SiriusXM’s MLB Roundtrip whether the Nats, as presently constituted, can win the NL East.

“Absolutely,” Morse said this week. “I mean, I think in the next year we have a healthy Strasburg, we have Jordan Zimmermann, we have John Lannan, guys at the top of the rotation that are gonna win games. And then we have a lineup that has a lot of power.

“Like Wilson Ramos, he had a lot of problems just a while ago in Venezuela, but he’s one of the most powerful hitting catchers I’ve seen. This guy, when he hits the ball, he hits it. And he’s a big target behind the plate, the pitchers love him. We have Drew Storen closing. We have Tyler Clippard, who throws an InvisiBall. I mean, no one can hit him.

“I mean, there’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle, and they’re all there. Mike Rizzo, our GM, he’s put this together. People might have thought a couple years ago he might be crazy, but he had a vision, and it’s all come together. We’ve got Ryan Zimmerman, he’s healthy. Last year he had a hernia early in the year. We were missing LaRoche all year. He’s gonna be healthy, he’s a big bat. And then we’ve got Jayson Werth for the next six years.

“People got to watch out,” Morse concluded. “I mean, they’re coming. The Nationals are coming.”