If I wanted to transition away from a life transcribing Redskins radio interviews, this winter is providing me a unique opening: the chance to spend my life transcribing Wizards radio interviews.

Because goodness, the pundits are out for their pound of diaper breath in recent weeks. The latest to pop off was former WaPo columnist and JaVale McGee antagonist Michael Wilbon, who eviscerated the team during an appearance on the Scott Van Pelt show.

“I’m sure there’s every reason to be overconfident when you’re playing the Wizards, that they’re not going to be able to muster anything, because they’re really just a pathetic outfit right now,” Wilbon said, in discussing the team’s surprising win over Oklahoma City.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a collection of players that are so far from understanding what it means to play as a team as we see from this Washington crew this year,” Van Pelt’s co-host, Ryan Russillo, then said. “I don’t know if that’s an overstatement. It’s not talentless, but it’s as clueless a group as I’ve ever seen.”

“Clueless is the word,” Wilbon agreed. “In 30 years, it is right up there with the most clueless groups. And by the way, it’s not that talented. We – we, I’m still saying we even a year after leaving the Washington Post – the Washington Post, Michael Lee did a really smart piece last week about the team’s [lack of talent]....

“So they don’t’ have that much talent. They have less talent than any team in the league by that measure. And they do the dumbest things night after night. We can’t even go into it. I mean, it is the Wizards, so at some point you have to say ok, you’re talking about the Wizards. People have stories, opposing players have stories, the assistant coaches have stories. I mean, there are stories about the DUMB things they do.

“And JaVale McGee, he doesn’t even get that he shouldn’t be throwing the ball off the backboard like a summer league game. He didn’t get it....I mean, part of the problem with John Wall is, John Wall OUGHT to be depressed that he’s playing with these clowns, and it appears like it. People blame John Wall. I go wait a minute, we can’t judge John Wall yet.

“John Wall – my sense of it, being around the team not this year at all but last year – is that he gets that he’s playing with the most clueless people you’ve ever seen. And it’s like, how good can you feel if you’re John Wall? The Wizards shouldn’t have these guys, and they should be playing the younger guys like Singleton and some other guys they played [Wednesday] night. But wow, it’s so spectacularly bad, it’s actually worth talking about in a humorous way.”

“But not any more it’s not,” Van Pelt interrupted, as national viewers went fleeing for soft-rock alternatives. “We’ve done all the Wizards that we care to do.”