This Redskins season is, in a word, boring.

Which is why national pundits have now moved on to exciting questions like how long Mike Shanahan will last year. Now, the conventional wisdom among non-glue-sniffing Redskins fans and reporters is that, as horrific as the Beck experiment has gone, things are still generally trending in the right direction, and that Dan Snyder would sooner hand out free-parking vouchers on Central Avenue than fire Mike Shanahan after two seasons.

And yet....

“Here’s the thing, no coach other than Joe Gibbs has made it for more than two full seasons under Dan Snyder,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio said this week on the Junkies. “And Mike Wise had that lengthy item earlier this year about the courtship of Mike Shanahan for nearly a year behind the back of Jim Zorn. Well, now that Mike Shanahan’s the head coach of a team that’s going nowhere, you have to wonder what’s going on behind HIS back. I think that’s fair speculation, given the history of Dan Snyder, the recent history of Dan Snyder.

“And when you look at Bruce Allen, who was with Jon Gruden in Tampa and with Jon Gruden in Oakland, and Allen and Snyder are up in the luxury suite during the game. At some point Dan Snyder’s gonna say to Bruce so tell me about Jon Gruden, how was he in Oakland, how was he in Tampa. Look, I just think that it’s natural given the history of the team under Snyder to think about these things. And it wouldn’t shock me if there’s a Shanahan-for-Gruden swap that’s made at the end of the season.”

I know a lot less about the NFL than Mike Florio does, but that would sure shock me.

You know what else would shock me? If Mike Shanahan fails to win more than three more games in his Redskins tenure. And yet, during PTI’s “Over/Under” segment on Wednesday, Tony Reali tossed out “three” as the over/under number for future Shanahan wins in D.C., and Wilbon took the under.

“I’m going under,” Wilbon said. “They go oh-fer this year, then have a 2-14 next year, and then, guess what, you Randy Redskin are gonna look pretty silly,” he told Kornheiser. “You know the major problem? Mike Shanahan the coach is great. Mike Shanahan the GM? Not so much.”