Attempting to set a modern American record for “blog posts about radio interviews about Peyton Manning possibly being a fit in Washington,” I bring you Dan Patrick and Mike Florio from earlier this week.

“I don’t think Peyton plays for the Colts again,” Patrick said early on.

“I agree with that,” Florio replied. “I don’t think he will either.”

Florio then suggested that the Colts will not want to pay Manning the $28 million he’s due in the spring, and Manning wouldn’t want to delay the payment, meaning he would be cut loose.

“And I’m looking at the scenarios, I’m not looking at sort of the obvious places, except for Washington, I understand that,” Patrick said. “But then I’ve got to factor in Jerry Jones somewhere in here, and then New Orleans I know with Drew Brees and contract talks, so I don’t think you can rule out crazy scenarios here.”

“No you can’t,” Florio agreed. “But I think Peyton’s gonna want a team that pays him a ton of money and that has the pieces in place for him to be successful. And I don’t know that he’d want to go to Washington, because look at what’s in place there with Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan. Kyle wants to run that offense like a little kid with a joystick on the sideline. He wants the quarterback to just do whatever Kyle Shanahan wants. I think Kyle Shanahan’s younger than Peyton Manning, so I don’t think that’s gonna go over well if Peyton and Kyle Shanahan are trying to co-exist.”

Please, someone find me a radio interview covering how Peyton Manning would feel about throwing to Jabar Gaffney, the recent Redskins suspensions, and the team’s pending practice bubble.

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