But not Knuble. The veteran winger told Toronto’s 590 The Fan this week that he hides his rings in a drawer. Sock drawer, most likely.

“I mean, I was called up [by the Red Wings] in ‘97, played at the end of the year in the regular season, didn’t play in the playoffs,” Knuble said. “Next year I made the team, they won again, they beat Washington four straight. Didn’t play much in the playoffs, played a little bit. I ended up with rings from that, and they’re in a drawer. They’re buried.

“And I don’t wear those things. I pull them out for hockey camps to show kids, because they’ve never seen a Stanley Cup ring in their hand, you know? But never would I wear it out until I win it, until I play a role in winning it myself.”

Like, to the Harris Teeter even. Or maybe Trader Joe’s. As for whether this year’s team is more likely to win a ring than last year’s team, Knuble said yes, because it would sound ridiculous to give a radio interview in which you said your team was less likely to win a Stanley Cup ring than the year before. His justification was the experience level.

“It creates a little bit of a more accountable locker room,” Knuble said. “Because it’s not a bunch of kids just kind of figuring it out as they go. It’s guys who have won, and who have been places where they’ve won, and they’ve won big games, and you want to pass that down. And guys will call you on it when it’s not good enough. And it’s not just one or two guys calling players out and calling your team out; there are more guys that have something to say when things aren’t being done well or properly on the ice.”