(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

Well, stop hoping. Bryce Harper ain’t playing in Nats Park during the 2011 season. Mike Rizzo has ruled it out.

“Yes, I have,” the GM said Wednesday on ESPN 980’s The Sports Fix. “It’s not gonna happen, because he’s not ready for that to happen. He’s got to learn the nuances of the game of baseball. We certainly don’t want him to push him to a level where he’s overmatched and struggles even for a short period of time. We’re just not going to put him in a place where he has a chance to fail until we feel that he’s 100 percent ready for that level.

“And when he is, we will certainly bring him up, because we want to win as bad as anybody else. And nobody wants to win worse than I do. Believe me, if I felt he was ready to hit in the big leagues right now and perform in the big leagues right now, he would be up in the big leagues. If he gave us the best chance to win, he’d be up there, trying to help us win.”

Well, maybe in 2012, then.