Any image that appears to show something different — like the screenshot above, from a video posted on the Redskins Facebook page — is in some way misleading, or defective, or untrustworthy. Don’t believe your lying eyes.

Snyder’s height was established in a 2010 Forbes profile, when author Monte Burke wrote this:

Among other slights, the Post’s Mike Wise called him “Napoleon in a luxury suite” (though he’s 5 foot 9).

In a follow-up interview with then-Washington City Paper writer Dave McKenna, Burke confirmed the figure.


But, regardless, Burke stands by the height he published for Snyder. He says the 5’9” figure came directly from Snyder’s lips during an interview and “it didn’t seem like he was lying when I stood next to him.”

“He didn’t seem to be 5’2” or 4’9”,” says Burke via email.

Burke says he later fact-checked Snyder’s claim through Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie, who confirmed 5’9”.

So Snyder is obviously 5-9.

And what of Shanahan? Well, media reports have him at the same height.

The Post, 2010: “Not a tall man at 5 feet 9, he is compulsive about the smallest components and demanding of perfection in everything.”

Hartford Courant, 2005, on Belichick/Shanahan: “Both are 5 feet 9, dark-haired.”

Chicago Tribune, 1998: “When Shanahan was a high school senior, several big colleges showed some interest, but when they learned he was 5-feet-9-inches and 143 pounds they fled like elephants seeing a mouse.”

AP, 1998: “Growing up in the Chicago suburb of Franklin Park, Shanahan made his mark as a 5-foot-9, 143-pound triple-option quarterback for East Leyden High School.”

Denver Post, 1996: “Mike Shanahan stands 5-foot-9, weighs about 185 pounds and can’t block or tackle a lick.”

So both men are 5-foot-9. The same height. And yet I keep posting images that appear to show Shanahan being taller than Snyder.

(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

So just know that Snyder is often standing to the rear of Shanahan in these images, or is slightly slouching, or is otherwise not shown standing to his proper height, which is 5-foot-9, the same as Mike Shanahan.