The media reports about this change, of course, didn’t begin trickling out until Sunday morning around 9:30.

But at least one media powerbroker knew what was going on by Friday.

“Yeah, I’ve known for a few days that he was gonna do this,” Sonny Jurgensen said on the Redskins Radio Network pregame show, during his weekly appearance with ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan. “We talked this week, and his position is that his job as the head coach is to give his players the best opportunity to win, and playing Rex Grossman does that.

“Because of all the injuries that they’ve had, and having to insert a guy in this position at guard and tackle, move the guard back to center and all the juggling that they’ve had to do offensively with the receivers and every place, you’ve got a lot of young guys trying to learn the game, and Rex has the experience.

“When you had John Beck in the game, you had the same thing at quarterback — a young guy trying to win the game — and that’s not a good formula,” Jurgensen continued. “And by going back to Rex, he has a guy that has had some experience. He’s not afraid of making mistakes, he will get the ball downfield....It just wasn’t happening for John, and he’s still learning the game, so a healthy Rex, getting him back in there, a guy that has gone to the championship game, he will give them a lift.”

Jurgensen later said there was some “cat and mouse” involved in Grossman and Beck splitting the first-team reps during practices, and he reiterated several times that Shanahan’s decision was based on which quarterback gave the team its best chance to beat the Dolphins. 

“Sorry I couldn’t tell you earlier,” he finally said to Sheehan, at the end of the segment. “Hey, when a coach shuts the door and you’re having a private conference with him, no, you don’t talk about it. We don’t really start talking ‘til [the producer] leaves.”

So anyone, if you want to know what’s going on with the Redskins next week, ask Jurgensen, I guess. Although he won’t tell you. Neither will Shanahan, though, so you might as well just go eat some pickle flavored sunflower seeds and think about life.