Now I do. Here it is, via Redskins.com.

“Of the 90 players that we have on our football team right now, we have 15 of those players from two years ago,” Shanahan began. “Those 15 players that we have, I guarantee you, you want to go to war with.

“We’ve had draft classes, we’ve had free agency, we had this draft, free agency, and I can promise you, the 90 guys that we have right now, you want to go to war with. Not only do you want to go to war with, but we’ve hit some areas that we needed in the skill positions, both on offense and defense, to give us a chance to be very competitive within the NFC East. That’s what I’ve been looking for, and that’s what we’ve got.

“On offense we added a few wide receivers that give us a chance to do something special that we didn’t have a year ago. Obviously with the addition of our quarterback, a franchise quarterback, that will be here for the next 15 years. And you will see in time — it’s not gonna happen overnight, we’ll have some growing pains — but I promise you, he will do things that you have not seen quarterbacks do.

“And the reason I’m so high on him is I’ve studied him, I’ve watched him, day in, day out. Not only is he a great athlete, a great thrower and a great runner, but he’s a natural leader. He has the things that you look for, and that’s how you build a franchise. So if you can surround a quarterback with people that believe and work extremely hard, you have a chance to do something special.”

Meanwhile, Griffin appeared on SiriusXM’s “Movin the Chains” program, and was asked if he’ll be working more with Kyle or with Mike.

“I think it’ll be a mix of the two,” he said. “Right now I was working with coach Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur , the quarterbacks coach, a lot more than I worked with Big Mike, as I like to call him.

“But he’s definitely gonna oversee everything. He’s gonna make sure that they’re not doing anything that he doesn’t want them to do with me, and just making sure that I’m handling everything the right way. So he’ll definitely be the overseer and the guiding light, but I think Kyle will be more of the hands-on guy.”