That last item, in fact, caught the eyes of at least two Redskins on Monday night.

“Actually when I got back in the room last night during curfew, me and Byron [Westbrook] — he’s my roommate during camp — I was switching channels,” cornerback Kevin Barnes told Mike Wise and Holden Kushner on 106.7 The Fan. “And I actually saw the poll pop up, and my mouth just dropped to the floor. Because I could never imagine that our franchise would be even remotely seen like that. But I definitely know that a lot of guys use that as motivation.”

A lot of guys, Barnes said, and also one head coach.

“Guys know our backs are against the wall,” Barnes continued. “Coach Shanahan has addressed it, in regards to nobody believes that we’re gonna be anything. He says nobody is giving us a chance to be anything. We already know that. It’s no secret. We’re all going out here and using it as motivation.”

And this is before the first preseason game.