The subject of Kyle Shanahan’s late-game behavior was first raised on Monday by The Post’s Mark Maske. The veteran beat writer asked Mike Shanahan for his reaction to the NFL saying it would look into Kyle Shanahan’s behavior, and to the league acknowledging an incorrect spot after the unsportsmanlike conduct call.

The head coach provided his reaction to the latter, but not the former.

Someone else then asked Shanahan if he thought his son would be disciplined by the league.

“I think we’ll let the powers that be take a look at what transpired on both sides and let them make the decision,” he said.

Then the AP’s Joseph White — who is always on the coach’s direct right, and who usually asks the first question of every press conference — spoke up.

“It was striking how Kyle handled things compared to [Joshua Morgan] the week before,” White began. “Josh immediately after the game stands up, takes responsibility. Here we get, a day late, a statement on paper. Is that the sort of example a coaching staff should be setting for its players?”


“Just like last week — you guys wanted to talk to Danny [Smith], you wanted to talk to Jim [Haslett]. I said, ‘Hey, I understand special teams didn’t have a great day, or our defense didn’t have a great day, but you’ll have to wait til Thursday.’ That’s what we do. That’s the protocol.

“And so we could change that every week relative to things like that. We’ve got a process that we work through, and that’s our process.”

“Well, shouldn’t there be situations where you tinker with your process based on circumstances?” White followed up

“No, I don’t think so,” the head coach said. “No. If you want to ask a question, you can ask me. Kyle’s already sent out a statement this morning, just like I would have. You know, he wanted to talk to you guys. And I said, ‘Well, we’re gonna keep the same process going.’”

Shanahan went on to answer at least two more questions about the matter. Read his thoughts at the Insider. Rich Campbell provided a full transcript. Watch the video here.

As for White, he followed up with several thoughts on Twitter.

“So Mike Shanahan was disappointed in my question,” he wrote. “I think I was even more disappointed in his answer.”

See more of his thoughts here.