Sally Jenkins wrote a pretty comprehensive rebuttal to Donovan McNabb’s ESPN rip job in a column for Wednesday’s paper, filled with lots of stats and numbers.

But Jenkins also was the first person to ask Mike Shanahan himself what he thought of his former quarterback’s complaints. So, just in case you skimmed over that, let me quote Sally:

Asked to respond, Shanahan said: “I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road.”

And then there was this:

Let’s start by asking what the gauge of a successful relationship with a quarterback should be. “You can go by so many different stats,” Shanahan said. “The perception, the most basic one people look at is, ‘Did you win a Super Bowl at the end of the day?’ ”

Hmmm. I’m guessing Shanahan didn’t forget that Donovan McNabb has never won a Super Bowl. Just a guess.