(Photo by Sol Tucker.)

And so, for at least the fourth time in modern American history, here is Mike Wise, at a D.C. basketball game, shaking Barack Obama’s hand.

“No, I’m not going to bug the president like I usually do at basketball games,” Wise wrote early in the USA-Brazil game Monday night. “I mean, unless he calls over and gives me some dap.”

Guess the latter happened. And it led to Wise’s fine column about Dreams Teams past and present. And also the above photo, via Wise’s producer and co-host C.J.

Speaking of Obama and Verizon Center, below please find a behind-the-scenes video featuring the president and the best basketball players in the world hanging out in the Wizards locker room. Yes, that’s the scene of “Pick One.”


Mike Wise Meets Obama

Mike Wise Meets Obama, Part II

Mike Wise Meets Obama, Part III