If you plan to go see Bryce Harper play with the Hagerstown Suns this spring, your plans just got a little more exciting.

“Prior to each of Harper’s at-bats, the Hagerstown Suns will announce, ‘Now batting, Bryce Harper, brought to you by Miss Utility, reminding you to call 811 before you dig,’ “ this week’s press release says.

That’s about as exciting an introduction as I can imagine for the next Mickey Mantle.

“They jumped at the opportunity to be connected with the top prospect in Major League Baseball, knowing that the window of opportunity as a nonprofit to be associated with an athlete of this caliber is very limited,” reads the e-mail accompanying the press release about Miss Utility sponsoring Bryce Harper’s Hagerstown at-bats. All of which I love typing.

Well, good on the region’s call-before-you-dig center for getting its name out there. By the way, failure to contact Miss Utility, which is a free service, is a leading cause for damage to underground utilities.

Nationals Enquirer has more on the excitement that’s building in Harperstown. Believe it or not, Miss Utility isn’t the only element.