The Stephen Strasburg post-game Hot Stuff revelation on Tuesday obscured at least several other weird things that happened. There was some sort of pre-game incident involving the guy who was supposed to throw out the first pitch, and there was some poor fielding in the top of the first, and there was also this, via Kilgore:

Things went from bad to weird. The sunny sky opened up and poured rain as Strasburg pitched to John Baker. The count ran full before umpires halted the game. Strasburg had already thrown 33 pitches.

“I mean, the ball was absolutely drenched,” Strasburg said. “I probably could’ve hurt somebody.”

The grounds crew dragged out the tarp, but before they could spread it over the infield the rain stopped. They rolled it back up and off the field. After an eight-minute mini-delay, Strasburg took the mound again.

Problem was, when Strasburg took the mound and got ready to throw, the field umpires weren’t yet ready. So he had to step off the mound, and then try again.

I know, I know, I know, feminine napkins, etc. Still, it was weird. And the batter, John Baker, wound up hitting a two-run single.

(Via Deadspin.)