(Note: There are not actually any true lovers of Strasburg Shutdown opinions. There’s just me, hating myself.)

Anyhow, we haven’t yet heard from Obama (Real or Invisible versions), nor have we heard from Romney, but the Huffington Post was good enough to solicit Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s thoughts on the subject.

McConnell, of course, talked about Strasburg on the Senate floor after his Nats Park debut.

“What a remarkable athlete,” he said then. “And we can only hope and pray that his arm holds up, and that he has the kind of career that everyone is anticipating. There was literally electricity in the air.”

Bang zoom! McConnell, of course, is also an avowed reader of Nats Journal, so he’s no doubt well-versed in both sides of this debate, which led to this.

“You know, I think Rizzo and Johnson have really studied this,” he told HuffPo’s Jon Ward. “They went through it last year with Jordan Zimmermann. They’re following medical advice. And as a now really enthusiastic Nats fan — actually I was before they had this good year — I think following the expert advice, the best advice you can get, is the right thing to do.”

McConnell also explained that doctors do not like the various strategies to space out Strasburg’s innings, that the Nats are trying to win for years and not just in 2012, and that he usually watches MASN’s Nats Extra program. Silver Fox! Oh, and that “everybody in the country is talking about whether this is a wise thing to do or not.”

Well, everybody except Obama and Romney thus far. C’mon, political reporters. I know you’ve thought about it. Ask the question. At least ask Biden.

(In other news, Ken Rosenthal writes that Rizzo should suddenly reverse course and leave the decision up to Scott Boras and Strasburg, asking “Who exactly is running this club?”)

(Via @08Cubs.)


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