The video of the day yesterday was Mike Shanahan rear-ending Brian Orakpo’s golf cart during the Leukemia Golf Classic. I talked to both afterward, and they thought the incident was pretty funny.

 “I didn’t know what was going on,” Orakpo told me. “I guess he thought I went. All of a sudden I got hit, I turned around, and it was Shanny.”

 I mentioned to Orakpo someone’s suggestion that he show up to OTAs in a neck brace, and he cracked up.

 “I should definitely do that,” he said. “Show up and tell him I can’t play.”

Orakpo spent the day at the 14th hole of Trump National so that he would get a chance to tee off with each foursome in the tournament. It took a while for Shanahan’s group to end up there, and when they did, the coach jumped in on the ribbing immediately.

“Hey Brian, how are you feeling? How’s that neck?” he asked as he walked up to the tee.

I told Shanahan the video was the highlight of the Internet, and he laughed.

“I think he did it on purpose,” Shanahan joked. “He took off and then stopped short all of a sudden. I think he was trying to see just how good that Geico insurance really is.”

I, for one, like the happy new Shanahan.