The team will wear these at two home games in 2012. Bruce Allen said they already know which games, but they will not be making it public yet.

A description of the uniforms, via the team: “Redskins owner Dan Snyder and his staff worked closely with Nike to create a look that spoke to the club’s unique heritage, while highlighting several key details that helped define the team’s history. The alternate anniversary uniform is a balance between history and tradition, featuring a rich darker color palate and updated numbering system. It is a modern interpretation of those worn back in 1937 — a year signifying the team’s move from Boston to Washington, D.C., as well as their first national championship. The patch on the shoulder is one that was worn in early team history. The design also pays tribute to 1937 QB Slingin Sammy Baugh, who in his first year in the league led the newly relocated Redskins to their first national championship.”

And quotes from Thursday:

Bruce Allen: “Love ‘em. It’s our tradition. It’s authentic. That’s what we were looking for: authenticity.”

Brian Orakpo: “It’s a great look. Great feel....They’re gonna look good out there when we get all 53 men out there wearing them and representing.”

Ryan Kerrigan: “I really like them. They look great, and it’s a nice change of pace.”

George Starke: “I don’t think much about uniforms.”