After I wrote about the morning-after decision by Firoze Lafeer and his son to get “RG32DC” Virginia license plates, I began receiving reports of yet more RGIII automotive tributes.

Like the above plate, via @JTWinner, which mirrors Lafeer’s choice but with a Maryland address.

“Just saw this, know the source, and have on good authority that it was delivered by the VA DMV this afternoon and immediately screwed on the back of this polished Beemer,” Brendan e-mailed me last week. “Surprised there isn’t one of those Bumper Buster dent protectors to match.”

“A few years ago I had Virginia Redskins plates that said ‘SKINNS,’” he wrote to me in an e-mail. “I tried a ton of combinations and that was the only one available. I’ve been on the look out for something better for a while. I had my 3-year old in a $50 McNabb jersey as soon as he signed and we all know how that worked out. Vanity plates are a cheaper investment!

“The way the Virginia state system works is that you can reserve a plate for 90 days, so it was actually on my mind the week before they made the trade. I reserved RG3SKNS and planned on placing the order after the draft, but when everything came through I had to do it right away. I was just too excited.

“I’m a huge Redskins fan and I’ll be the first to honk my horn at cars with Skins plates, stickers or flags. I’ve been shocked at how little of a response these plates are getting. A recent trip around the beltway and not one honk! Most people ask, ‘What if they get Luck?’ But to me, this was a $10 investment. Much cheaper than the McNabb jersey and I have Luck plates on reserve with the DMV. (LUCK TYM). Win/Win.”

Yes, he has Andrew Luck plates on reserve. That’s why Redskins fans are great.