I wrote earlier in the week that the Kenny Chesney experience at FedEx Field was turning into a very Redskins experience, with some fans angry that they asked for complimentary Maryland or Manchester United tickets in exchange for renewing their season tickets on time but were given Kenny Chesney tickets instead.

Now, the Redskins would object to this characterization, pointing out that the renewal form said that supplies were limited. They could also point out that these are complimentary tickets, meaning it’s hardly fair to criticize them for giving something unwanted if it’s free.

Fair enough. All I can say is I’ve heard from other fans who felt similarly disappointed, and from two fans who did not like an attempt to sell them premium Skins tickets with the bonus of Maryland or Manchester United tickets after their initial requests came up Chesney. Here’s one dialog.

Redskins Sales Rep

Dear Redskins Season Ticket Holder,

Thank you for your continued support of your Washington Redskins. At this time we have a unique chance for you to improve your Redskins Season Ticket location at FedExField. As a general Redskins Season ticket holder, you now have a special opportunity to upgrade to the 300 level at an introductory rate for the 2011 Season.

As a bonus for upgrading, you will receive free premium tickets to your choice of two (2) special events taking place at FedEx Field this year including Kenny Chesney, Manchester United vs. FCBarcelona soccer, Army vs. Navy College Football or Maryland vs. Notre Dame College Football.

Upgraded seating is limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Please call (301) XXX-XXXX for more details about this special offer. Thank you.

Redskins Season Ticket Holder

Thank you for the offer. However, we are not able to afford anymore than what we are paying now for our season tickets.

Secondly — I am irritated to see that the Redskins are still offering complimentary tickets to the Maryland/Notre Dame football game for people who upgrade, and not to longtime season ticket holders like my family. We have had season tickets for almost 40 years. We paid our season ticket bill well before the deadline (even with a lockout looming). Expecting to receive our first choice — Maryland vs Notre Dame tickets — we were sent a letter saying they were no longer available, and given Kenny Chesney tickets instead. We have no interest in the Kenny Chesney concert, and disappointed that was our consolation. Especially now seeing from your e-mail [above] that Maryland tickets are still available.

I believe the Redskins are trying to improve their customer service with fans (which has been dreadful in the last decade), but as a long time seat holder, we rarely receive any perks from the Redskins in appreciation.

Redskins Sales Rep

With the overwhelming number of people who requested ND tickets, we ran out of the general admission allotment very quickly. The tickets that I am offering with this deal are part of our Premium Tickets allotment, all located within one of our premium seating areas. They were reserved for people with Redskins Premium Seats. I am able to offer them to you if you upgrade your seats, because you would then be part of our Premium Club. If you would like to take advantage of the upgrade, please let me know.

I mean, that’s fine. The Redskins are leveraging their premium seats to this special event to try to get more people to buy premium Redskins seating. If not, they’ve still gotten free Kenny Chesney tickets. All I can say is, some people didn’t find this to be a happy experience.

(And for whatever reason, I just about never get complaints about ticketing issues from Wizards or Caps fans. Sometimes, but almost never.)