Well, it’s not a joke any more. The Orioles won yet again on Tuesday, surging into a tie for first place, the first time they’ve held that position this late in a season since 1997. The Nats won yet again on Tuesday, pushing their division lead to 7.5 games and reclaiming a 100-win pace. We’re past Labor Day. This is real life.

“This is the first time in MLB history that a D.C. and Baltimore team each had a share of first place simultaneously in September,” ESPN reported, citing Elias.

So go ahead and dream big. Would national commenters dub it the MARC Series? Would John Harbaugh try to convince Nats fans that the Orioles could be their American League team? Would Peter Angelos apologize for past misdeeds and admit that there are actually Washington baseball fans? Would Teddy take the natural next step and throw the Oriole Bird into the Inner Harbor? Would MASN headquarters implode? Would we write 5,000 stories and columns and blog items and Metro features and Style essays and Kids Post examinations and staff editorials about longtime Orioles fans from the Maryland suburbs being forced to choose? Would ESPN 980 notice?

I mean, anything is possible.

And if it doesn’t work out, the Redskins play the Ravens on Dec. 9.

(Real talk: despite what many Nats fans wish, there remains a huge number of Orioles fans in this area, fans who are legitimately excited about what’s going on up 95. This could get interesting.)

The Nats just annihilated the Cubs, doing that thing that good teams do to bad teams in September.

Tracee Hamilton is willing to give Bryce Harper time to grow out of his temper.

The finally-mostly-healthy Redskins offensive line gets ready for New Orleans.

On A1: “As the league opens its regular season Wednesday night, a new Washington Post poll suggests that football remains by far the country’s most popular sport and that the game’s inherent violence is as much of an appeal as it is a liability.”

Brandon Banks on his health:

“What hurt me the most was I was still trying to run through that knee injury. I kept trying to run on it when it was still hurt. I kept playing and playing and playing. It brought me down a lot. It was always on my mind, so I wasn’t fully into football. I was worried about getting healthy. I’m a totally different person now. I’m 100 percent healthy.”

Here’s Robin Ficker handing out his Let Steve Decide signs. Read more here. Via @dcinwashington.

The Nats host the Cubs at 7 on MASN. The Orioles are in Toronto at 7 on MASN2. You can watch the Giants and Cowboys at 8:30 on NBC and root for a tie. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Here’s a GIF of Gio Gonzalez in the dugout, applying a finishing move to Jordan Zimmermann. Zimmermann seems confused. John Lannan shows no reaction. Gio is playing a different game than the rest of us.


The Wizznutzz brilliantly constructed a Mount Rushmore of Wizardly sadness, noting that “The Wizards embody Emptiness, a borderline personality disorder that is at the heart of modern mania. Once a player drapes the Wizards’ tanktop across his shoulders, God dies in a frenzy of violence, ritualistic self-medication and engorged blood sausages.” Cool.

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