That led to a blog item on Masshole Sports with one of the best headlines in the history of blog items: “Even the Washington Press are a Bunch of Pathetic Losers With a Losers Mentality.”

I mean, whoa whoa whoa there. I’m supposed to be objective and all, but if you’re gonna call me a loser, I’m gonna have my back against the wall, and I plan to go down fighting, and I’m gonna give it 107 percent.

“The dude has the power to get the Capitals fan base believing, yet he wrote a piece in which he is brainwashing the fans and players into thinking they are losers, deserve to be losers and will forever be losers,” the blog post reads. “As Bruins fans, we should be thankful for losers like Mike Wise.”

And you know what’s weird? Caps fans weren’t fans of the column. Brian Murphy wrote that it was “spectacularly stupid” and “one of the most absurd columns I have ever read.”

“The Capitals don’t need to out-hustle and out-work the Bruins during Game 7,” he concluded. “They simply need their fans to rally together and sing in the streets so the Lincoln Memorial can come to life and score the game-winning goal.”

I would end this with a witty joke, but I’m a Pathetic Loser With a Losers Mentality, so I’ve got nothing. The end.

This is the worst four-year stretch in Washington Wizards franchise history. Contract extensions for everyone!

Over his last 20 innings, Gio Gonzalez has allowed six hits and zero runs.

Jason Campbell on RGIII: “I’ve definitely seen this before. I lived it....People don’t want to hear it, but it’s really about the supporting cast as much as it is the quarterback.”

Boz: “If the Caps think that their fans sometimes cast a pall of anticipatory despair over them in crucial games, then they should remember that the Bruins operate under a similar and permanent handicap.” Uh-oh.

Davey Johnson on the Ryan Zimmerman MRI:

“At this point, as far as I know, it’s not real favorable.”

Have I had enough of Robert Griffin III and his Subway Smokehouse BBQ chicken likeness? No, I have not. (AP Photo.)

Get the remote handy. Nats at Padres at 6:30 on MASN2, Wizards at Cleveland at 7 on CSN Plus, and the Caps at Boston at 7:30 on CSN. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Ted Leonsis bought a house in Nantucket for $6.7 million.

More from Ted: “Ernie and his staff have created one of the most technologically advanced basketball operations departments in the NBA. We now are able to evaluate talent with a unique use of high-speed cameras and an innovative approach to statistics.”

Caps fans urged to drink DC Brau instead of Sam Adams tonight. And every other night, frankly.

Re-living the first Game 7 in Caps history.

Here’s a photo of Redskins tight end Logan Paulsen. Nope, I dunno.

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