But before I go full-on catatonic, I wanted to bring to your attention the Twitter performance of one Thomas Boswell from Wednesday night. It was sports columnist Tweeting done right. Here are the highlights, in order, starting with the controversial minor called against the Caps near the end of regulation:

* Eat the whistle you idiot. I covered 4 OT Islanders/Caps playoff. No penalties for hours. Felonies were ignored. Only murder off the menu.

* Joel Ward, in OT in Game 7, I had that. Real quiet in TD now.

* My Verizon TV system just went down. A $112B corp can’t cope with Caps upsetting Bruins. The skate is finally tied around the other throat.

* Oh, those CLUTCH Washington Capitals. Gotta luv it. ROTFLMAO.

* “Defend” that!

* @RickMaese Come on, I’ve been flaming trolls and laying down smack on the chat boards for 15 yrs. You guys don’t think you know me, do you?

* Tim Thomas: When you’re invited to White House you contact President’s social secretary, say, “Yes,” respect the office and show up. Moron.

Man, that was a good night.

The captain was happy. (AP Photo)

Watch the NFL draft stupid. All TV/Radio listings are here.


There’s just too much good stuff this morning, so all I’m doing is linking.

Ted Leonsis on the racist Tweets toward Joel Ward: “There should be zero tolerance for this kind of hate mongering. Their messages should now stay glued into the algorithms to place a forever warning and a mark upon these people and their actions. They shouldn’t be able to escape their keystrokes.”

Braden Holtby staring down Rich Peverley was awesome.

Matt Hendricks celebrating his early goal was extra awesome.

Here’s an odd Tweet from Post Local.

Tim Thomas did something cool Wednesday night, attempting to cheer up a sad kid.

Bram Weinstein was in Boston: “All I saw was the red light and the collective gasp of the crowd. It was at this moment that I let out the most gutteral primal scream. Think National Geographic-Lion versus Zebra, Zebra loses. I didn’t even know I was capable of making such a sound.”

Joel Ward and Alex Ovechkin in Game of Thrones.

Stephen Strasburg shagged fly balls with a catcher’s mitt during batting practice.

Steve Coll: “This, then, is the moment to ask whether the Nationals’ success could affect the 2012 Presidential election — quickly, before the Nats revert to form and the question becomes moot.”

Dmitri Young shelves his comeback attempt, plans to write a book.

The Skins sent out an e-mail with a “Get Ready For Griffin” subject line.

“Five years after Georgetown University won zoning approval to build a new athletic facility, the project is still mired in design review.”

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