But Boston? The college rivalries are non-existent. The natural Red Sox distrust doesn’t have an on-field component. If you discount the pro soccer teams and the Kastles, Boston and Washington have had just three playoff meetings over nearly 30 years: two for the Caps in the ‘90s, and one for the Bullets in 1984.

But at least one of those three series had some bad feelings, thanks to two men who thrive on bad feelings: Mike Milbury and Dale Hunter. I’ve written about this before, but when the Caps played the Bruins in 1990, several of Hunter’s checks brought on Milbury’s ire.

“Any time Dale Hunter is in the game, you know you’re going to see cheap shots,” Milbury, then the Bruins coach, told reporters.

Later in that series, he said Hunter had been “a nonfactor in the series besides cheap shots,” and that “I wouldn’t have him on my team if he was the last guy available; if he was the only guy available.”

“Bleep Dale Hunter,” Milbury said, according to one wire service. “I wouldn’t have him on my team if he was the last guy on Earth.”

Milbury is now paid to say rude things about NHL stars, so maybe his 22-year-old shot at Hunter won’t rile up any any-Boston sentiment in Washington. But hey, it’s that or the pink hats.

The Nats finally see their dream of an undefeated season derailed, but dang, they have some top-flight starting pitching this season.

Tarik column: “For almost every factor supporting a Bruins romp, there’s another that suggests the talented-yet-underachieving Capitals might be primed to pull off an upset.”

Paul VI Catholic’s Patrick Holloway, who will play at George Mason, is The Post’s All-Met Player of the Year.

As Rick Maese details, Michael Jordan is still a disaster at running NBA teams.

I don’t really care about golf.

Jayson “fart in the wind” Werth is staying positive despite not getting hits.

“I worked some walks in some tights spots against some pretty good pitchers,” Werth said. “I swung the bat good the first day. I couldn’t come up with anything. Just part of the game. I feel good..”

This is Jonathan Tsipis. He’s the new coach of the George Washington women’s basketball team. He’s intense. (Jim Urquhart/AP)

Double-dose of New York baseball; the Yankees visit Baltimore at 7 on MASN, and the Nats are at the Mets at 7 on MASN2. The Wizards also visit Charlotte at 7 on Comcast SportsNet. Those are the two worst teams in the NBA. Please don’t watch. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Ted Leonsis continues to hold the Caps up as an example for unhappy Wizards fans. “The Capital’s had several really bad years- we drafted well; we played the young players – and then we started to improve. We were bad tile we were good. We are now a good team; and we make the playoffs year after year.”

The Hunger Games craze has Maryland kids exploring archery or something.

.Someone got a Ryan Kerrigan helmet cake for his bachelor party.

If you’re still not tired of Baltimore concession news, check out this photo of the Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dog.

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