Since I’ve been to the movies maybe six times in the last five years, I certainly haven’t seen Men in Black 1, much less Men in Black 2 or Men in Black 3. But the Internet, which never lies, seems to indicate that indeed, Davey Johnson is in Men in Black 3.

“The movie accurately reveals that the Orioles’ Davey Johnson flew out for the last out in the five game series, ironic given that he managed the Mets’ next world championship team in 1986,” the site popculturemeetshistory wrote.

“Funny to see their version of Davey Johnson as a child,” someone wrote on a Mets message board while discussing the movie.

Davey Johnson as a child? Imagined in a big-budget Hollywood movie? Can someone please post a comment below explaining the full dimensions of Davey Johnson’s role in Men in Black 3, so I can go ask him about it? Because I don’t feel like having to expense a movie receipt.

The Nats drafted “a 17-year-old right-handed pitcher from California with a Hollywood family, a 100-mph heater and a dinged elbow.” And we shall call him Nat Gio II.

Randy Wittman is coming back to the Wiz, and “the secret was under wraps to Wittman, he said, up until a few days ago, after owner Ted Leonsis publicly expressed at the NBA draft lottery that he was ‘very, very comfortable’ with Wittman.”

Radio dude Eric Bickel says he could do the same job as Ernie Grunfeld for less money.

Im pretty sure I could keep the Wizards under the salary cap and win 30% of the games. I’ll do it for half of what Ted pays Ernie.

— Eric Bickel (@EBJunkies) June 4, 2012

Joseph White of the AP drops the hammer on the Wiz in a straightforward news story:

“The Wizards are essentially maintaining the status quo in their basketball hierarchy despite a fourth consecutive season with a record at least 25 games below .500.”

Here’s how Byrd Stadium’s surface looked as of this weekend. Via @kbrace22.

The Mets are at the Nats at 7 on MASN2. The O’s are in Boston at 7 on MASN. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Ted Leonsis on Randy Wittman: “First, Randy was already under contract – he was our Coach. He didn’t need to be ‘rehired.’ I thought the talk of his not returning was disrespectful at times.”

David Aldridge: “At first glance, with all of the available alternatives out there, the Wizards’ decision to keep Wittman, who has a career coaching record of 111-238, and whose previous coaching stints in Cleveland and Minnesota never came close to producing playoff teams, seems odd. And league sources say that new owner Ted Leonsis is reluctant to throw out big money while the Wizards are rebuilding.” is feeling chippy: “In 2008, the New Orleans Saints finished 8-8 and last in the NFC South. The next season, however, the Saints earned five more wins in the regular season and won the Super Bowl. Could the Redskins see a similar improvement in 2012?”

Giolito’s “grandfather, an actor, played the role of Susan Ross’ father (George Costanza’s father-in-law-to-be)” on Seinfeld.

The kid who covered Johan Santana’s no-hitter for the New York Times was a summer intern from Michigan in his fourth day on the job.

The New Republic wants to become the New Yorker for D.C.

The best Craigslist group house ad ever, via DCist: “We also like the freedom of being naked at home (especially in the summer) and want someone who is also comfortable hanging out nude in their own home. ...We also have the occasional naked Wii party and always make our way to the hot tub naked.”

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