“We’ve already got that all sealed up,” Lanier told WTOP last week, when asked if the department has a plan for playoff success and accompanying celebrations. “We know we’re going [to the playoffs]. We’re real happy with the Nationals. We’ve been working with Major League baseball, with the Lerner family and plans are already in place for all those victory celebrations, the playoffs, everything that we need to have in place, because its going to be a big celebration for us here in Washington.”


WTOP’s Mark Segraves then asked who would pay for all this additional security.

“For specific events around the stadium, it would be like most large special events — we’ll ask for reimbursable detail, so that’ll be paid for by the Nationals,” Lanier said. “We’re still working on what the finalized plan’s gonna be and what it’s gonna cost, but once we get that done we’ll work with the Lerner family and get that finalized. There’s still a few things we’ve got to plug in. But in addition to that, there’s a lot of things that I’ve got to do that’s just part of policing the city when you have a large event like this. We’re gonna have a lot of people in a lot of areas around the city. It’s not just gonna be the stadium. There’s gonna be high demand for us all over. So the larger plan is going to encompass much more than just the stadium.”

Lanier went on to say that her biggest challenge, apart from the celebrations, would be “a lot of pedestrian traffic” in and out of Nationals Park.

“We would like to have Metro operating when they leave the stadium,” she said. “Certainly for those who take Metro in, we’d like them to be able to take Metro out, because it puts a lot of pedestrians out in the community.”

And she suggested that street closures and mid-street events could be a thing.

“We’re looking at possibly some events out in the roadways, blocking off some areas and doing some street events,” she said. “So if that happens, yes, they’ll be some restrictions and changes in parking and travel. We’ll make sure all that is publicized and available on our Web site, so people can get in and get out without having to worry about confusion.”

(Yes, this was last week’s news, but I never got to it. Apologies. Listen to the full segment here.)

Bobby Hebert, Warren Moon and others on RGIII’s debut

Gio and the Nats roll on, easily subduing the Mets in New York.

Have heard several people say what Tracee wrote: “When was the last time the Washington Redskins were a genuine pleasure to watch.” People don’t like defense.

Matt Hendricks signs on to the You Can Play movement.

The Raiders had some long-snapping issues on Monday. A certain broken-armed long snapper noticed.

Anyone want to call it an easy job now? #MNF

— Nick Sundberg (@NickSundberg) September 11, 2012

Ian Desmond on Gio Gonzalez’s Cy Young candidacy.

“He’s consistent and I think that’s probably one of the most important things to a Cy Young. You’ve got to be able to go out there every single time and give your team a chance to win and he’s done that. And beyond. He’s nasty.”

Several people pointed out that Mike Shanahan had several agitated moments during Sunday’s game. Here was one of them. (Jonathan Bachman/Reuters)

The Nats are at the Mets at 7 on MASN. The Orioles host the Rays at 7 on MASN2. All TV/Radio listings are here.

You live in D.C. but you’re not a Skins fan? Good luck. Drew Magary in GQ: “Even if you don't listen to sports talk radio, people here will bind and gag you today and FORCE you to listen to it, to absorb as much orgasmic praise for RG3 as you possibly can until your loins burst into flames.”

The world standard for dumb Strasburg columns has been set by Jack McCaffery of The Times Herald in Pennsylvania. He writes: “How can Selig nap while the Washington Nationals are announcing that they will disengage All-Star right-hander Stephen Strasburg under some cockeyed formula they believe will keep him stronger for some other season, not this one?...For the good of the game, every team should be made to try its best to win every time it plays. Every. Time.”

Remember how I said Mike Shanahan got agitated? Here’s the coach, after someone tugged on his headphone cord.

Davey Johnson, on the other hand, couldn’t have been happier when he learned that the Nats had eliminated the Mets from the pennant race.

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