The Joe Maddon-Joel Peralta-Davey Johnson insult tango may have reached its climax several news cycles ago, but no Maddon insult should go un-reported, so let me go back to the contretemps one last time.

Maddon, you see, was on Sirius XM’s MLB Network Radio over the weekend, and he was naturally asked about his latest foray into the headlines. Specifically, about being called “a weird wuss.”

“I loved that, by the way,” he said. “I started it, it was my fault, but I really dig being a weird wuss. I’ve never been called that before in my life.”

Good start! So, he’s admitting the whole furor was his fault?

“You know, the whole point was — and my really being upset about it — was the insider information that led to this whole thing, the fact that Pandora’s Box is opened unnecessarily,” Maddon continued. “And again, it was really not a very first-class move on their part. I know they’re being defended, because it’s being vilified as being cheating, although it’s a pretty widely accepted practice throughout Major League Baseball, and everybody knows that, including Davey Johnson.

“So to have inside information as they did, to call it when they did, and now have us suspended for eight games, and furthermore have Joel Peralta’s reputation tarnished, I think was totally unnecessary.”

Maddon went on to argue that “there’s no edge to be gained” by using pine tar, and that its use “does not affect the game whatsoever.” He also said the rule might need to be revisited. And he also said he would not do what Davey Johnson did, if the situations were reversed.

“I can tell you quite frankly and honestly, had somebody brought that kind of information to me about somebody on the other team, I would not have utilized it,” Maddon said. “I would not. I would not utilize that information....I would not have utilized that trump card....

“And if in fact you wanted to, I think the prudent thing to do, the more humane thing to do there would have been to tell the guy before the game — ‘listen I know you do this, and if I see that particular glove out there I’m gonna call you on it’ Maybe that would have been more appropriate.... But to act on inside information like that I think is kind of dirty.”

Well, anyhow, here’s to a Tampa-Washington World Series matchup.


After losing in Baltimore, the Nats are now 14-12 in one-run games.

Boz’s take: “An incredibly deep, competitive pitching staff, young but devoid of self-pity, has ignored its team’s offensive problems and kept the Nats atop the NL East on the strength of arms and defense.”

Despite scoring the quickest goal in franchise history, D.C. United lost to its rivals.

Not sports, but interesting: for the first time in more than four decades, the number of whites in P.G. County is on the upswing.

Former Nats fan favorite Chad Cordero is doing work. He later wrote that he “tried to copy when Frank [Robinson] had a stare down with the home plate umpire in atlanta but couldnt keep a straight face.”

Just got tossed from from my first game as a coach.feels kinda weird. had 3 guys get called on k’s above head.

— Chad Cordero (@ChadCordero32) June 25, 2012

Buck Showalter on topping the Nats, via the Sun:

“I think all our guys knew the margin of error was going to be close the whole series. To be able to beat them today was a real tribute to our guys”

In lieu of sports highlights, let me present pho-eating highlights from the Northern Virginia VietFest.Well, maybe pho-eating is a sport. Not positive. Turn down the audio, because it’s harsh.

The Orioles go all Fun Bunch in the outfield. Ian Desmond isn’t super happy. (Toni L. Sandys /TWP)

The Nats are in Colorado at 8:30 on MASN. Or you could watch NBA prospect highlights on YouTube. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Wages of Wins: “Washington is a playoff team in the East next season. I think 45 wins is a reasonable target with the roster assembled.”

Gary Clark suggests that RGIII will win a Super Bowl in Washington.

Vernon Davis at Coolidge High: “"I will be the best tight end to ever play this game. I have a vision.”


“Conservationists around the globe are plagued by the same question ‘What can we do to help?’ Here at the National Zoo, we have an answer: Drink beer.”

I mean, when that’s the answer, the question doesn’t really matter.

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