“To be clear, until now, there never has been a heated Baltimore-Washington baseball rivalry,” MLB.com wrote this season.

“Orioles and Nationals finally have a rivalry,” CSN Washington claimed.

“We got our first inkling this year of what a true Nationals-Orioles rivalry could be like,” Dan Daly wrote. “And what it could be like is heavenly, like a snow cone on a summer day — sweet, refreshing and not nearly long-lasting enough.”

“Whether or not Orioles vs. Nationals ever becomes a true rivalry, it never had a chance at all until both teams came into it with something tangible to play for — a threshold that finally has been reached,” Dave Sheinin wrote.

Personally, I don’t much care whether the teams ever become true rivals. On the one hand, a decent number of Nats fans have genuine resentment over everything Peter Angelos did to prevent baseball from returning to D.C., and then over the MASN deal. On the other hand, a decent number of Nats fans continue to root for both teams.

But here were the Nats and the Orioles on Sunday, teaming up to encourage fans to vote for both Bryce Harper and Jason Hammel.

I mean, sure, do it. Why not? Just don’t tell me those teams are rivals.

(Via @primetimereds.)

Update: Hey, there was a Beltway Ballot last year, too! If I knew that, I forgot about it. Apologies.

Ryan Zimmerman keeps mashing as the Nats win again.

If you haven’t read Kilgore’s story on Bryce Harper’s life in D.C., please do.

The Caps signed Joey Crabb. Old Bay for everyone.

Tiger wins his tournament at Congressional. “This is what Washington golf is supposed to be about,” Svrluga writes.

A 15-year old from Bethesda qualified for the Olympics, joined by a 24-year old from Great Falls.

Robert Griffin III still has Olympic dreams.

Not gonna lie people.....Hurts that I wasn’t in that Final for the 400 Meter HurdlesBut the pain was relieved by 4 words HTTR!

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) July 2, 2012

Bryce Harper on the National League’s Final Vote. So cocky.

“I think a Hall of Famer should be able to go to all-star game his last year,” Harper said. “If I was going to make a vote, I’d go vote for Chip.”

Here are TSN experts trashing Alex Semin. Semin’s agent called it “the worst I’ve ever heard an analyst say about any player.” Katie also has the transcript. Video via Russian Machine.

The Caps practice facility without power = slush city. Photo by Comcast SportsNet’s Chuck Gormley, via his Twitter.

The Orioles are in Seattle at 10 on MASN. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Given a list of fan-submitted nickname, Bradley Beal chose “SuperBeal.” And not “Beal Parm.”

Ted Leonsis on Beal: “I believe our fans will fall in love with this player as he is a budding star; a player with great fundamental skills; and a great shooting touch.”

In votes of players and fans, one Redskins player was chosen among the NFL’s Top 100. That would be London Fletcher.

The immature Bryce Harper everyone wanted to hate doesn’t seem to exist.

Karl Alzner’s dogs were ring bearers at his wedding.

Fascinating story from the Wall Street Journal on the NFL’s attendance issues.

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