Of course, some people think they’ve already seen them. Citing a 2010 item from something called “JOCKPost,” influential local station WTOP wrote a pretty definite headline: “Redskins new uniforms to lessen controversy.” WTOP’s item — which as far as I can tell is based only on a 2010 item from JOCKPost, which linked to a Baltimore Sun message board, which linked to a Pittsburgh Steelers forum — speculated that the new uniforms will play down the Native American angle.

That, of course, led to headlines like this from WJLA: “New Washington Redskins uniform to address controversial logo.” And this from the Washington Business Journal: “New Washington Redskins uniforms to lessen controversy.” And this from the Huffington Post: “Washington Redskins Uniforms: New Nike Design Could Address Indian Head Logo.” Because apparently JOCKPost was really really on its game in 2010. And/or no one actually reads anything they’re writing about.

I guess we’ll see at 11. Meanwhile, Brian Orakpo, who has actually seen the uniforms, wrote on Twitter that “the New Redskins uniform is sweet!!!” Which is the one thing here that actually matters.

(And if JOCKPost and the Sun forum and Steelers Universe had it right, I will apologize to everyone.)

UPDATE: No major changes.

Hey, after a huge win, the Caps had a disappointing loss! So unexpected! That sets up Thursday as possibly the 16th time the Caps have had a biggest game of the season.

Ian Desmond switched to No. 20 as a tribute to Frank Robinson. He also lived with his younger brother for much of the offseason, serving as a father figure.

A kid from T.C. Williams who learned taekwondo because of a chance stop at Landmark Mall is going to the Olympics.

Adam Carriker says the darndest things, doesn’t he?

My career is basically a placeholder while I wait for someone to give me a chocolate factory.

— Adam Carriker (@BigPoppaPump94) April 2, 2012

Reporters got a chance to talk to Chris Singleton at length about his $10,000 Mega Millions purchase. He had an interesting justifcation

“Either that or blow it in the club.”

Not sure what's going on here, but it’s Anthony Armstrong, Torrey Smith and Donte Stallworth with a pair of Clintons. It’s via Smith’s Twitter account, via @RecordsANDRadio.

The Red Sox and Nats are on MASN at 3. There will be way, wayyyy too many Red Sox fans in the stands. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Would you like some fan rage?

Homer McFanboy on these Caps: “This team does nothing well. They excel at no aspects of the game. No one — from the front office to the bottom of the roster — should be content with how they’ve played this season, so maybe this team needs to complete the collapse and miss out on the playoffs in order to force a radical overhaul.”

Hogs Haven on FedEx Field changes: “Replacing unsold seats with SROs is another way to to squeeze in more people on the cheap who will spend on average $60 a head in beer and food. Assuming these fans are Redskins fans is laughable. The result? More fights, more frustration, and much poorer of an experience.”

Here is an awful, awful correction from WJLA.

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