And thus, check out some of these highlights from Ron Borges’s column in Monday’s Boston Herald. These are things that non-Washington reporters used to write about Alex Ovechkin, and then stopped writing:

* “If Ovechkin wore black and gold he would be the most popular Bruin on ice, not simply because he would be their greatest scorer but because he plays like a Bruin, which is to say like Ray Lewis on skates.”

* “Generally superstar scorers zoom around seeking open ice, hiding like snipers and then firing before you can lay the wood to them. . . . Not so with Ovechkin. His game is the Bruins’ game. He plays hockey as if it was demolition derby. . . . If there is dirty work to be done, his first thought is ‘When do we start?’ ”

* “As much as Ovechkin loves to throw his arms in the air after a goal, he likes just as much to throw his shoulder into Seidenberg and Zdeno Chara, the two Bruins defensemen charged with making his life miserable. How do you make life miserable for a guy who believes misery loves company?”

* “In this part of the hockey world, we like our scorers to do it the way Espo and Cam did. We like lunch-pail scorers, and if ever there was a lunch-pail superstar, it’s Alex Ovechkin. Too bad he’s wearing the wrong color sweater.”

He plays like a Bruin, he loves dirty work, he’s a lunch-pail superstar? Man, these narratives change quickly when you win.

Braden Holtby learned to play goalie by shooting a tennis ball and stopping it himself in the basement of a Saskatchewan farmhouse.

Anonymous Nationals player to Boz: “Some of us have never had a manager who treats us like big leaguers.” But but but. . . . Caddies on Cordell. . . .

Amazing Jordan Crawford quote to Michael Lee: “I probably do take bad shots, but in a sense, we kind of need some of those shots I take.”

DeAngelo Hall joins everyone else who cares about the Redskins in looking forward to the draft.

Can’t wait for workouts to start tomorrow. I’m pumped up the 1st step in winning the division starts at 8:30am. Step 2 draft night lol

— DeAngelo Hall (@Dhall23) April 16, 2012

This is a written quote, not a spoken one, but it’s awesome. From Jay Beagle’s playoff diary:

“I don’t like to watch hockey that much. I try to get away from it and do other things on the days we’re not playing. I’m just walking around in Clarendon and enjoying the weather with my wife. We got some yogurt at Pinkberry and we just saw Brouwer and his wife going into the Whole Foods. I saw Holtby before at Lululemon with his fiancee..”

Edwin Jackson gets doused with Ga­tor­ade, and Kristina Akra reacts. From Nats Enquirer, which has many more images.

The Nats host the Astros at 7 on MASN. The Orioles are at the White Sox at 8 on MASN2. The Wizards are at Chicago at 8 on Comcast SportsNet Plus. And the Caps have a hockey game at 7:30 on CSN. All TV/Radio listings are here.

If you haven’t seen the Tupac Hologram performing at Coachella, it’s worth a look. Profanity, obviously.

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