Like draft analyst Todd McShay, for example, who was projecting RGIII as a wide receiver before his Heisman-winning 2011 season.Via

In response to McShay’s preseason analysis, Griffin said in a radio interview after winning the Heisman Trophy: “You never want to be looked at as a sure thing in life because it can rob you of your motivation. The guys that did have me, like you said, as a wide receiver, like Mr. Todd McShay before the season, that just motivates me to continue to go out there to be the best.”

Well, that was months ago. And Griffin still hasn’t forgotten. So Sunday night on Twitter, he reminded his followers of McShay’s analysis.

Hey @McShay13, wanted to say I’m not mad you called me a 4th round WR. Look forward to meeting you & shaking your hand at the draft #YourQB

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) April 22, 2012

Ouchie. Griffin has also reminded his Twitter followers in recent days that the haters provide him motivation, although gosh, it’d be nice if the term “haters” were retired from popular usage.

“Doubters or haters will always exist. It’s up to you to decide whether they will hold you down or help you rise,” he wrote last week.

“I’m fueled by faith family & what I represent,” he also wrote. “Small town kids, Military, & Kids dreaming everywhere. Doubters increase the power of my fuel.”

So thanks to McShay from Redskins fans, I suppose. You have increased the power of RGIII’s fuel.

Feinstein writes that the Caps need to turn off their minds and that “there’s little reason to believe they can’t win Game 7.”

Tracee Hamilton is feeling less cheery. “More often for the Caps, seven is more like “Seven,” when Brad Pitt finds Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box. Seven is a bad day....Don’t open the box.”

Norman Chad: “Joe Theismann is doing a TV commercial for a prostate supplement; if his prostate is enlarged, I would’ve figured he could just talk it down to size.”

If you haven’t read Rick Maese on RGIII, please do.

Redskins wide receiver-turned-tight-end Niles Paul has a unique weight-gain strategy.

I always say to myself, why cook when there is an Applebee’s right down the street?

— Niles Paul (@Niles_Paul84) April 22, 2012

Chris Pontius had a hat trick for D.C. United, which is especially impressive, considering this from his coach:

“He still doesn’t know how to play forward — that’s the scary thing,” Ben Olsen said. “He’s still new at the position, and some of the movements can get a lot better. But three goals isn’t too bad.”

Bryce Harper hit his first AAA home run, in front of an audience of tens of people.

Alex Ovechkin has some soccer moves, too. Yes, I’m trying to take your mind off the hockey thing. (Don Ryan/AP)

The Bobcats visit the Wizards at 7 on Comcast SportsNet. That’s more “What you could watch if you really really love D.C. sports,” rather than “What To Watch.” All TV/Radio listings are here.

An impassioned and detailed argument that Edwin Jackson should not have been allowed to wear the number 33 for the Nats.

Alex Ovechkin made Zdeno Chara bleed.

Dan Hellie hanging out with the Stanley Cup.

A D.C. bar is offering a “Shark Attack” shot in honor of Roger Bernadina.

Byron Kerr pointed out on Twitter that the Wizards’ current three-game winning streak is the longest of its kind in the entire Eastern Conference. That is so, so weird.

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