But I have to say that I was unfamiliar with the back story until reading this week’s ESPN the Magazine cover story by Tom Friend. So here it is:

One day in 10th grade, Robby couldn’t find matching blue socks, so he wore one blue sock and one red one (with shorts, no less). His buddies laughed, the cheerleaders giggled, the geeks nodded — and he smiled that toothy grin.

“Eventually, I would wear all kinds of socks,” Robby says. “I wear polka dot, striped, argyle, Scooby-Doo, Elmo, Cookie Monster. I got penguins, I’ve got holiday socks, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, snowmen, Santa Claus, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, the Grinch, Winnie the Pooh and Kermit the Frog.”

Well, that’s a lot of socks. I will try not to write about his socks any more. I will probably fail.

By the way, Adam Schefter says the Colts have told Andrew Luck they’re taking him in the draft.

Mike Wise enters the partisan media fray: “Game 4 of the Bruins-Capitals series is Thursday night at Verizon Center and somehow Nicklas Backstrom is not playing. Meanwhile, the ruffians who have been trying their damnedest to knock his concussed head have a full roster.”

Here’s Milan Lucic: “For us, our main focus isn’t about what’s being said in the paper or anything like that.” Guess he doesn’t read the paper, either.

Nats go to 10-3. By a zillion miles, they’re the best story in D.C. sports.

Touching work by Sally Jenkins on Pat Summitt.

Luke Russert, praising the Nats and throwing some barbs.

Went solo to the #Nats game tonight and it was great. #DC needs to get behind this team, they try harder than the Wiz, Skins & Caps combined

— Luke Russert (@LukeRussert) April 19, 2012

Jordan Crawford has no conscience, Wednesday night or forever.

“I felt I could make it and shot the shot. That’s how it always go,” Crawford said after nailing a three-pointer with 51.9 seconds remaining. “I could kind of see it had a chance, lucky for me.”

The Bruins went to the National Geographic Society during their off day in D.C. While there, they did this. (Via the Bruins on Instagram.)

The O’s are at the White Sox at 2 on MASN, and the Nats host the Astros at 7 on MASN. Also, a hockey playoff game at 7:30 on CSN. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Mister Irrelevant looks at how long it’s taken the Nats to get 10 wins in past seasons.

Here are Free Nicky signs for Thursday night’s game.

Tim Thomas spent his off day in D.C. visiting FreedomWorks, a small-government group founded by Dick Armey.

There are dozens of tickets to Thursday night’s Nats game for $1 or less.

There’s gonna be a Ben’s Chili Bowl at 10th and H Northeast. Yay.

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