There was one point, though, when a great many people expressed unhappiness. That would be during the so-called “Main Event,” when Teddy — despite some assistance from wrestler C.M. Punk (video below) — narrowly lost to Thomas Jefferson. Lots of people booed. LOTS of people.

I’m not sure when better to break the streak than during a home opener featuring a first-place team with playoff aspirations. The front office evidently doesn’t agree. But somehow I’ve come to agree with Jayson Werth, who spoke out again following the win.

“What’s the poor guy got to do to get a win?” Werth asked reporters “A great American president. Just a great American, period.”

Not only is the gimmick tired, but it does celebrate losing to a certain (admittedly inconsequential) degree. I want it to end. Thursday would have been the perfect time.

As for speculation that the race went down the left-field line to avoid Werth shenanigans, a team spokesperson told me the race will randomly alternate between the left and right field lines this season, and that Thursday’s finish line had nothing to do with anything that happened last season. So stay on your toes, Mr. Werth.

(Video via Let Teddy Win)

After playing the game of his life in his Stanley Cup playoff debut, Braden Holtby said “Mainly, I wasn’t there for the boys in overtime, and I’ll definitely be better for that.” Sir, the boys weren’t there for you.

Tarik on Ovechkin: “The Capitals are going to have a tough time winning a tight-checking series if their best offensive player only generates one scoring chance.”

From Michael Lee: “One prominent agent said . . . there is “no way” Leonsis can bring back Grunfeld” next season.

Boz on Gio: “He just can’t be bland.”

The saddest D.C. sports fan I know, 106.7 The Fan’s Danny Rouhier, was at it again after the Caps lost in overtime.

Phase 1 after a DC sports loss: Personal Inventory: what did I do wrong? I am so tired of feeling this way.

— danny rouhier (@funnydanny) April 13, 2012

Here’s a longtime NBA executive, anonymously talking to Michael Lee about Ernie Grunfeld:

“Nothing against Ernie, but he’s worked there for nine years and if you work for AT&T for nine years and the stock is dropping every day and you’re losing, guess what? The board of directors is getting rid of you. That’s the reality. The stock is falling in Washington.”

The Alex Ovechkin collision with Dennis Seidenberg was probably the best part of Game 1. Also, a collision like this would likely cause a normal person to disintegrate. Via RMNB.

Nats win, Nats win, Nats win. (Don Ryan/AP)

Reds at Nats at 7 on MASN2. I’ll probably be there. Orioles at Blue Jays at 7 on MASN. Wizards at Knicks at 7:30 on Comcast SportsNet. All TV/Radio listings are here.

Nats Enquirer has video of Gio Gonzalez’s first career hit.

Russian Machine Never Breaks has video of Alex Ovechkin’s new “Because It’s the Cup” commercial.

Ted Leonsis notes that “there are so many pixels being generated,” and coins a new phrase: “wicked whatever.”

Here’s the dude from Blues Traveler shaking hands with Mark Lerner after playing God Bless America on the harmonica.

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