Here’s some live commentary from Mark Zuckerman, the dean of the Nats beat writers: “First Presidents Race: Teddy has a huge lead...gets distracted by jugglers(?!) as George zooms past him. #TiredAct.”

Seriously. It’s over. The team should compete for a playoff spot, or at least a winning record. The father of the presidents, Stan Kasten, now owns an NL rival. Every trick in the “he lost again” book has been played. And the highly paid superstar, Jayson Werth, remains agitated.

“Teddy’s gonna have to win a race,’’ Werth recently told “It’s bigger than me....It’s a parallel. People can laugh and say I’m out of my mind or whatever. Maybe I am. Who knows?...To me, the Presidents Race and Teddy Roosevelt are very symbolic of where this organization goes. It needs to be addressed. It needs to be answered.”

So let’s do it sooner rather than later.

“Please?” MLB Network’s Kevin Millar said during the offseason. “This guy’s got to win....I think he’s gonna win this year.”

Mike Shanahan responded to Donovan McNabb’s rip job like this: “I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road.”

Tarik El-Bashir argues that “It’s time for Hunter to put his trust in Neuvirth and let him prove, once and for all, whether he’s a No. 1 goalie or not.”

The Wizards need to win at least three more games to avoid the worst winning percentage in franchise history. Jordan Crawford wants to go 8-5 down the stretch.

Boz, on the Nats’ final game of 2012: “By that final afternoon at 1:05 p.m. perhaps nothing at all will be at stake. Or, just maybe, a great deal could still be on the table for the Nats. If it is the latter, you’ll know why thousands of workers have taken vacation, why school children are sick en masse and why the stands on South Capitol Street are jammed and the concourses packed. And not with Phillies fans.”

Josh Wilson has offered to solve the apparent impasse between the Redskins and London Fletcher.

Just learned expert negotiating tactics on how to get wat u want 4 wat u want 2 pay...@LFletcher59, @redskins let’s talk. I’ll get it done!!

— Josh Wilson (@TheJoshWilson) April 4, 2012

Danny Espinosa got the memo about big spring talk for the Nats:

“We should win a lot of ballgames. It’s not a time of building anymore. It’s not a time for young guys, and we need to step into our path. We need to start winning now. There’s too much talent here to lose.”

Here’s Teddy losing again, via Let Teddy Win:

Kevin Seraphin wrote on Twitter that he just finished his new bird cage for his birds. Here it is.

The Wizards host Indiana at 7 on Comcast SportsNet. I guess you could watch that, if you really have nothing else going on in your life. All TV/Radio listings are here.

The great UniWatch on the Redskins uniforms: “Essentially unchanged....New alternate reportedly in the works.”

Pro Football Talk on alternates: “League spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that there’s ‘no timetable’ for the announcement of alternate uniforms, and that the teams determine when and how they choose to do it.”

Brandon Banks on women: “I’m more attracted to light skinned women with long hair. I like thickiness, more short because I’m not tall; I don’t like tall women like that. Somebody calm, cool and collective. Can be outgoing and like to travel and have fun. Not boring.”

The Orioles sort of lost a charity game to the State College of Florida, although Orioles pitchers pitched for both teams.

You should go read Marion Barry’s tweets from Tuesday night. One sample: “Twitter officially BLOWN UP from SOUTHEAST Washington, DC! We tweet with swag over here. It’s called twaggin if you didn’t know.”

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