I’ve been to plenty of games at Nats Park, but never have I seen a brawl, or anything close to a brawl, or people who were really angry about much besides concession issues and Jayson Werth striking out and the excessive number of visiting fans.

This Friday Night fight video, though, shows that anger can indeed make its way to South Capitol Street, with jaw-smashing consequences.

It also provided an opportunity for hilarious one-liners like this, from the New York Daily News: “So what's the bigger surprise...that the Mets are only 6 1/2 games behind National League wild-card leader Atlanta or that there were enough fans in attendance in the nation's capital to actually have a brawl?”

A Deadspin reader, meanwhile, wrote that this was “a solid 5 on 5 brawl between some drunk nats fans and obnoxious new yorkers.”And yes, one of the words in that sentence was extraneous.