What is the cliché? “Washington is Hollywood for ugly people”?

Tim, that’s Peggy Noonan down there, shelling peanuts with Henry Kissinger. Let’s see if we can catch ‘em on the Kiss Cam!

On second thought, let’s not.

Yes. That's right. Every fan at Nationals Park works for the State Department and/or some sort of awful think tank, and is a deeply ugly person who uses his or her brain to seek undue power and privilege, and isn’t an authentic and admirable sports fan like some random steelworker in Western Pennsylvania, who would be entirely sexy kissing his buxom home-tending wife on a Kiss Cam while eating pre-shelled peanuts.

Luckily, the people who actually live in Washington realize that this is a diverse region filled with lots of industries beyond “Bureaucracy,” and would never be so quick to stereotype Nats fans as merely government wonks who....

Oh. Right. There’s the Aug. 31 giveaway. First 20,000 fans get a “Nationals Wonk” t-shirt. Cool.

(Via @Ballwonk, obviously.)