But even if his baseball career never advances beyond that point, Graham is an American hero for his exploits during halftime of Sunday’s Titans-Saints game. From WKRN in Nashville:

While going through their halftime routine during Sunday’s Titans-Saints game at LP Field, the cheerleaders, wearing Christmas outfits and Titans blue Santa hats, were approached by a man dressed as Santa Claus.

Santa walked up to one of the girls, ripped off his beard and hat and got down on one knee and proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend, Janae Kram.

She, of course, said yes.

“I was trying to keep my cool still and do the performance,” she said, “They were telling me [before the performance] that Santa was going to do something and it could be a little embarrassing, so I was thinking the old man is going to dance with me. So hen I looked over and saw Ben it was really exciting, but I was already smiling anyways, because I’m obsessed with Christmas.”

I mean, get a look at the belly on that Santa. He wasn’t joking around. NFL.com put up video of the proposal, and the WKRN piece is below.

Kram also said she thought Santa was “gonna be creepin’ on me, trying to dance with me.”

“Since playing baseball I’m kind of used to being in front of crowds, so I wasn’t too nervous,” Graham told the station.

(Via @NationalsPR)