When I think Dollar Monday, I think Potomac Nationals.

Well, now I can also think Nationals-Pirates.

Monday, May 16 is $1 MONDAY: $1 tickets, $1 hot dogs, $1 peanuts, $1 popcorn and $1 parking! Get $1 tickets for seating in the LF/RF Corner (Field Level), LF/RF Mezzanine (Mezzanine Level) or Upper Infield Gallery (Upper Gallery Level) and $1 parking in Lot HH. $1 tickets can be purchased either online or at the box office. $1 parking can be purchased with cash at Lot HH on game night. All $1 tickets, parking and food specials are valid only in the areas listed, subject to availability in select locations and good while supplies last. Some restrictions apply. Limit of two $1 tickets per order.

Maybe they’re trying to avoid another mocking appearance on Colbert Report, which happened last time the Nats played the Pirates on a Monday night.

If you can’t make the Monday game, the next day is Two-Dollar Ticket Tuesday, though you’ll have to pay full-priced for your hot dogs. Guess the Pirates aren’t a huge draw in D.C.

(Via DCist)